Facility and Personnel

Independent Printing sees the issues of sustainability and climate change as evolving in our industry. We are interested, and always have been, in identifying the things we can control, and then effectively monitoring those things under our control. With this in mind, we have taken a proactive stance and completed a Carbon Footprint Study.

Independent Printing has taken a proactive stance on various air-quality related items.

We filed for, and received, an air pollution control operation permit in 2002, which monitors our total VOCs (volatile organic compounds) on a monthly basis to meet all applicable DNR standards. (Emissions prior to 2002 were tracked, but the permit has helped formalize and expand tracking.)

We are permitted as a minor source of emissions, which means Independent will emit less than 100 tons of VOC. We actually emit less than one quarter of the limit specified in our permit. In addition, we use VOC emission potential as one of the criteria when evaluating chemicals and processes.

Back in the early 90’s, Independent made the decision to install an environmentally-friendly HVAC (Heating Venting and Air Condition) system. This system is complete with heat recovery wheels to recover the heat from our exhaust air and use it to reheat the incoming fresh air throughout the building, saving on fuel and associated costs. The system provides “free cooling” during winter months as it allows us to take advantage of the natural elements to chill our process equipment. Our HVAC system also includes a UV light and filtering system to purify the air throughout our facility, removing air particulates and other harmful vapors. We appreciate our comfortable atmosphere, and are pleased that we selected this energy-saving system years ago.

Energy consumption is certainly an area of focus for Independent Printing in our sustainability efforts.

These days, we continually work to reduce our energy consumption. In addition to the items addressed previously, we utilize building construction methods that provide superior insulating value and reduce energy use. We also use Orion light fixtures that displace 7.2 million kWh over their lifetime. In 2005, Independent received an Environmental Stewardship Award for the installation of these light fixtures.

We are very excited about the growing potential for utilizing Green Energy in our area of the country.

Independent has enrolled in Wisconsin Public Service’s Renewable Energy Program, NatureWise, a natural energy alternative. Members are committed to protecting the environment today while preserving resources for tomorrow. Independent has access to renewable energy sold by Wisconsin Public Service/Integrys. Electricity is generated from renewable sources such as wind turbines and biogas.

Also interesting to note is the fact that Independent Printing is located in a business park that enforces a Green Space policy via a City of De Pere, WI ordinance. This policy requires all facilities to maintain a specific amount of green space, as much for environmental as aesthetic reasons. This required green space prevents storm water run-off, and also provides area for a storm water retention pond.

Independent Printing employees are continually involved in developing and promoting our sustainability efforts, both within the company and in our community.

Independent Printing’s Sustainability Task Force cconsists of the Vice-President of Production, Facility Maintenance Manager, and four members of the sales/marketing team. This group meets to discuss environmental trends, review and suggest updates and determine environmental goals for the company.

Our employee body is also involved in the sustainability via internal recycling programs, and off-site events including Highway clean-up activities, and more.


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