Environmental Policy

Our Beliefs

Independent Printing believes that promoting sustainable actions, and taking proactive measures to protect our environment, are integral to our organizational practices and beliefs. We believe people will make better choices for the environment when given trustworthy information, training and the appropriate tools. We believe our customers, and employees, appreciate having the specifics so as to make more informed choices.

We believe we can make a positive difference through our efforts to this end.

Our Environmental Mission

It is the environmental mission of Independent Printing to promote environmental responsibility via innovative product technologies, resources and education. We will work to maximize results for our customers, while minimizing the impact of our work activities and products on the environment.

Our Commitment

At Independent Printing, we will conduct our activities in an environmentally-responsible manner and in ways that protect the public, our employees, and the earth we all share.

Download a list of all of our green efforts here (PDF document)

View our core labor requirements here (PDF document)