Custom E-Flute Packaging

Independent’s custom e-flute packaging is highly durable corrugated cardboard boxes that come in lift top mailer, straight tuck, and carrier styles. E-flute boxes can be mailed without any other incremental packaging. Perfect for subscription box services and ecommerce businesses that need to ship items to their customers and want to leave a memorable unboxing impression.

Digital Direct is ideal for variable and short run jobs in  quantities of 10-1000. With this process we digitally print directly onto the e-flute substrate.

Litho-Wrap e-flute boxes use the litho lamination process to combine the versatile properties of e-flute with high quality custom graphic printing. Ideal for quantities 1000+.

Both processes use our 1/16″ thick, white/white e-flute material which is the perfect high quality print surface for your next job.

Standard sizes

Will one of our standard sizes work for your job? If so, there’s no setup fee! Note: sizes listed below are internal dimensions and describe the “usable” space for your products to fit into.