ExpressLane – Ecommerce Fulfillment

Your business is fast-paced. And your customers expect the very best–quality products, priced right and delivered on time! When you’re working in the “fast lane” on ecommerce fulfillment you’re at your best with knowledgeable partners supporting you and your products.


Independent Printing & Packaging’s online ecommerce fulfillment solution. We are an industry-leading resource for major corporations nationwide. Our ExpressLane Web Storefront team can create, host, and keep current a customized internet storefront for your company. ExpressLane is a cost-effective solution for:

  • Your company’s collateral materials and literature: we can print, store and release in specific incremental shipments to locations around the country. Stored products are listed on your personal storefront—with easy access to real-time data. Order with ease and know where your products are 24/7.  With over 475,000 cubic feet of warehouse space, we can handle what you need to store. We offer climate-controlled and radio-frequency pick & pack technology.
  • Web2Print (also known as print ecommerce): your customers are online more than ever. Meet them where they’re at with one of our proven solutions that provide an easy to use print order experience.
  • Direct marketing campaigns as well as mailing list procurement: a powerful way to send your marketing message! Put our expertise to work for you—we can help you develop and implement your next mailing from beginning to end.
  • Promotional items order entry and fulfillment: you sell promo items, but storing and shipping can be a pain point—theft, tracking and storage space are constant concerns. Leave it to the Fulfillment specialists to provide the best full-service solution for your products.

Within the ExpressLane system are all the tools necessary for a robust program:

  • Inventory management and reporting
  • Shopping cart and shipment options
  • Pay using a variety of payment options
  • Email confirmations and shipment tracking