Thanks for the superb job you and your team did in making the new RUNA Tea boxes a success.

You pulled off what some might regard as a miracle; you helped us select the ideal paper stock (after meeting our monotonous requests for more), turned mockups and prototypes around with breathtaking speed and delivered the final job in remarkable time. You made a tremendously difficult job easy and met every challenge in a way that is uncommon in the print world.

Were it not for you and the fine folks at Independent Printing, the weeks we worked together would have been filled with profound apprehension, but instead I felt overwhelming confidence knowing you would handle yourselves with the utmost professionalism. I’ve been disappointed countless times in a 20 year period of buying print, but never once was I disappointed with anything you did, or didn’t do, on our box project! Kudos on a job superbly done!

Mark LaucksMark Laucks & Company, Inc.